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David Simon, President and Chief Executive Officer

David Simon, the principal founder of NACI, formed the company in January 1988.  Today, he serves
as President and Chief Executive Officer and is directly responsible for the cash management and
growth of the company.   Prior to founding the company, Mr. Simon was the Agency Recovery
Manager for the Bank of America, National Recovery Collection Center.  Directly responsible for
managing upwards of 100 collection agencies and as a specialist in MIS and financial reporting, he
was ultimately responsible for identifying and reporting collection performance trends and recovery
forecasts to senior management.  David had the opportunity to identify the best attributes of a
successful collection agency and leverage that knowledge with state of the art technology to form
NACI.  Well versed in high profile client’s special needs, David has tailored NACI’s operation to
optimize maximum recoveries while maintaining attention to the smallest detail.

Larry Lawson, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President

Mr. Lawson has been with NACI since its inception and has been responsible for implementing
measurable benchmarks for immediate success.  Larry’s collection operation expertise originates from
the national commercial collection arena.  His expertise in collection technique and management
solutions has enabled NACI to achieve superior collection performance and enjoy long-term collector
dedication and loyalty

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NACI has been providing superior
recoveries and quality service for
our clients since January 1988.  Our
achievements are a direct result of
our ongoing investment in personnel
and technology, combined with our
business expertise to ensure a
successful long-term relationship.  
This is accomplished while adhering
to all State and Federal laws, as well
as all clients’ standards and policies.

As a collection recovery specialist
for asset, commercial and consumer
placements, we have achieved
success because of our strong client
focus and commitment to service
excellence.  Our strategy to build
specifically trained, experienced
collection teams utilizing automated
skip-trace capabilities, legal support
(if client approved) and state of the
art technology has all helped
engineer our success.  These tools
allow us to custom tailor our
collection process to meet all clients’
objective criteria thus enabling NACI
to achieve the client’s desired result