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The MNM software system provides for maximum security at all levels of application.  There is a unique account name and unique password process for every collector and the process can handle segmenting down to the client and individual action.

The system also features program level authority per specific database.

As for modem access, dial up is controlled by password and account name security.  Caller ID is an
additional feature and phone numbers can be randomly changed.  Current Modem information is provided only to management approved authorized personnel.


In anticipation of our growth scheduled for the new decade, we upgraded our hardware system.  
Today we are utilizing cutting edge and the latest technology available for hardware, running on a
Linux Pentium System.  We have virtually unlimited capability to add workstations.

Collection Software

Since its inception, NACI has utilized GASCO, Gerald Application Service Company, Inc. software,
recently renamed MNM Software.  The company is a noted collection software specialist, specifically
serving the collection agency industry since 1971.  Today they provide NACI with software
programming services, software support and consulting services and are available 24 hours a day, 7
days a week.

Ad hoc or custom reports per client, product, or collector are currently utilized.  Power and flexibility
are the key advantages of the system.


Only selected PC’s have access to the Internet. Each is protected by its own password protection as
well as running anti-virus programs which auto scan any email or download file.  These PC’s are not
connected to our main database servers. Today we are receiving placements, payments, and various
client communication via the Internet.

Data Backup

Full system file saves are performed each night and are tested for data integrity.  Tapes are rotated
on a set schedule.  Monthly, quarterly and yearly tapes are stored off-site in a controlled environment.
NACI has been providing superior
recoveries and quality service for
our clients since January 1988.  Our
achievements are a direct result of
our ongoing investment in personnel
and technology, combined with our
business expertise to ensure a
successful long-term relationship.  
This is accomplished while adhering
to all State and Federal laws, as well
as all clients’ standards and policies.

As a collection recovery specialist
for asset, commercial and consumer
placements, we have achieved
success because of our strong client
focus and commitment to service
excellence.  Our strategy to build
specifically trained, experienced
collection teams utilizing automated
skip-trace capabilities, legal support
(if client approved) and state of the
art technology has all helped
engineer our success.  These tools
allow us to custom tailor our
collection process to meet all clients’
objective criteria thus enabling NACI
to achieve the client’s desired result